Welcome to our 30-day Kick-start Challenge

You have decided to put yourself at the top of your list of priorities and focus on YOU! That’s fantastic news!

All of us want to live a healthier life and feel our best, but we have very busy lifestyles and it can be a bit confusing working out what is the best way to eat healthily and get fitter.

Real change won’t happen overnight, even though we really want it to!

Change is what happens when we decide we no longer want to settle for how we feel or look and we are truly ready to make a lifestyle shift without using fad diets, pills, potions or ‘tricks’.

The bottom line is; YOU have to decide that your comfort zone is no longer serving you and you’re ready to step out and find the old you…or maybe even the NEW you!


Rather than a 7 day healthy eating plan, go for our 30 day kickstart and make a real difference.

Think about how you are feeling. Are you suffering from brain fog, feeling sluggish or demotivated? Would you like to think more clearly, have more energy, feel fitter and happier?

Would you like to lose weight or get into a new outfit or suit ready for a special occasion?

The good news is a healthy eating plan doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming – we can help you to implement healthier habits right away!

My 30-day kick start challenge has been designed to make your start really simple for you. Using all my expertise within the field of nutrition and healthy living, I will be sharing my knowledge from my personal journey (I myself lost 25 kilos/4 stone/56 pounds in weight which I have kept off successfully for the last 5 years) and my expertise directly to you for a full 30 days.

Busy lifestyles often mean that you are eating on the go. Your food choices are limited to quick and simple snacks or takeaways. I can help you with healthy quick and simple recipes suitable for everyone.

If you want to learn how to cook healthy meals but just do not know where to start my step by step recipe guides are perfect for you.

Whatever your situation, I will ensure your plan is tailored directly to your requirements.


My simple methodology will provide you with a 30-day nutritional and healthy eating plan designed especially for YOU. Your personalised plan will fit in with your lifestyle and be tailor made for your own personal fitness level.

The good news is, once you take the option to enter into a 30-day kick-start challenge, feeling fitter and losing weight will go hand in hand.

We will start with an initial one to one consultation. As everyone is unique your plan will be different and tailored directly to your needs, requirements and likes. I will discuss your current food intake and exercise, record your body measurements and weight and gain an understanding of your lifestyle.

I will then work out your meal plan for WEEK ONE and provide you with a detailed shopping list, a comprehensive recipe guide and a suggested exercise plan. Ongoing support will be given to you on a weekly basis with a phone or Skype call. Also I am only a phone call, text or email away should you need a quick response.

The most important place to gain support will be our private Facebook support group. This is where most of the action and support is going to happen. Our private Facebook support group is exclusively for people following the plan just like you. All posts and files in this closed Facebook group will remain private so can only be seen by member of the group. There will also be daily posts on nutrition, specific food types, recipes, healthy eating tips, exercise videos and daily inspiration to keep you motivated and following the plan.


Along with your weekly shopping list and weekly meal plan, there will be links to blogs on healthy eating, new recipes, exercise classes and personal trainers, meditation sessions and mindfulness mantras. This is your personal journey so you can try out different things and see what works for you.

To support our plans, we will be running various HEALTHY EATING AND FERMENTED FOODS WORKSHOPS and PRACTICAL COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS. These workshops and demonstrations will include lots of information and handy tips and tricks to inspire you to cook from scratch. You will build your confidence to try out new flavours and ingredients when you’re cooking.

To find out more about our upcoming workshops and cooking demonstrations please click here.


You will also have the opportunity to taste fermented foods such as water kefir, milk kefir, kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut. These fermented foods have a wealth of probiotics and probiotics which are vital for healthy gut health and rebalancing your micro biome.

By rebalancing your body including more nutritious food in your diet, you will have more energy and build up your immune system whilst eliminating toxins from your body. By the end of the 30 days you will so much healthier and want to continue your healthy habits long term!

You will need to be committed to making the changes to your lifestyle for the full 30 days. It is about YOU making small steps every day to gradually adapt to your new healthier habits and make the most of the support and motivation you will be given to keep you going on your journey.

Think about how active you want to be, how great you want to feel and visualise everything you wish to accomplish by the end of the 30 days.


Once you have completed the first week of the programme, we will have another one to one consultation to review your progress. I will then provide you with your shopping list and meal plan for WEEK 2. You will also be given your fitness plan for week two which will include new, slightly more challenging workouts for you to try out.

We will continue with the ongoing daily support, recipes and shopping lists for the next two weeks until we come to WEEK 4 and you are about to finish the 30-day kickstart challenge.



You will have come a long way.

You will now look and feel healthier and fitter.

You will have gained more knowledge of exactly the right healthy foods that work for you and your busy lifestyle. Now you will feel that it is the right time to increase and add to your daily exercise regime.

So why stop at the 30 day challenge?

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