Why do a radio show on Business radio I hear you ask?

Well, firstly I was offered a radio show and I was too polite to say no. It’s that typical English thing….. But seriously now, the main reason is it is a great opportunity to meet a variety of interesting people working within the health and wellness sector in addition to entrepreneurs and experts in their chosen field who love to talk about their area of expertise and pass on great practical tips and important information to those who need it most.

What better way to learn new things and broadcast that information to help promote a healthier happier lifestyle for one and all?

So far, over the last year we have recorded over 30 interviews with individuals ranging from a children’s entertainer, Loopy Lou, to a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Simon Jeffries, passing through a reiki healer, Louise Wilson and many more yet to come. So please support our show and share it with your friends. You never know who might find it useful one day.

Our upcoming interviews for Autumn will focus on fitness and ways to become more active. Our YouTube channel includes easy to follow recipes with healthy hearty meals for the colder weather and healthy snacks and sauces.

CLICK HERE to listen in to our radio show on Business Radio.