Eat healthy food, become more active and feel great!


The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project’s principle aims are to improve your health, wellness and happiness!

Are you feeling tired or fatigued? Maybe you’re suffering with mood swings or perhaps you’re experiencing moments of ‘brain fog’.

Are you struggling to lose those extra pounds?

Do you want to change the relationship you have with food and start a healthy eating programme to help you get back into shape?

We all know that fad and crazy diets do not work in the long term. Rapid weight loss will often lead to rapid weight gain. So you are likely to put back on more weight than before dieting as your body is full of toxins and out of balance.

Here at the Healthy Body Happy Mind Project we provide a personalised healthy eating and exercise plan to help you get back on track the RIGHT way and feel healthier and more energised.

We help you to make long term, realistic changes to your diet and lifestyle that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine.




The Healthy Body Happy Mind Project is here to help you.


What we can do for you


We provide you with a bespoke healthy eating plan tailored to each of your individual requirements. Our plans are designed by our specialist nutritionist and dietician Clare Goldfinch incorporating a wide variety of recipes designed for meat eaters, fish easters, and vegetarians and vegan as well as for food allergies and intolerances such as gluten free and dairy free.

30 day Kickstart Challenge


The 30 Day Kickstart Challenge is our initial programme to get you on your way to feeling fabulous and full of energy.

We will give you all the necessary information and support, for a full 30 days which will include personalised meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and ongoing support. Find out more here ……

You have completed your 30 Day Kick-start Challenge. WELL DONE!

You now have more energy than ever. You’re sleeping better and starting to feel more confident and thinking more positively. You’ve lost weight and are feeling more toned and energised. You have started a regular routine of daily exercise and healthy eating.

So why stop there?


90-day Healthy Living Plan


This is our longer term healthy living programme to keep you focused on your new found healthy lifestyle. It will help you to continue your  weight loss and fitness programme as you learn more about nutrition, healthy eating, cooking tasty meals and different kinds of exercise.

The 90-day plan will help you focus on your recently developed healthy habits. We want to help motivate and inspire you to keep going by supporting you to sustain a long term healthier lifestyle. We will give you all the support and advice you require along with recipes, nutritional guidance and exercise plans. We will work with you to help set your goals for the next 90 days. Find out more here.